About us

About us


We can develop a Tailored Solution to your specific needs and budget. Let us assist you to Achieve peace of mind Through a Solution that suits you.D


We are Committed to Provide Products that Can Meet or exceed our Customers' Quality Expectations through Continuous Improvements and Compliance to Standards


We utilize the Latest Security Solutions with Cutting edge Technology to Safeguard and Protect your Home and Business.


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We are Committed to make our Customers Satisfied through our Skilled and
dedicated team, high Quality Products and top of the line Manufacturing
Process. The trust and loyalty of our customers is valuable to us,
Sustainability is a Must and it is Attainable if the Customers are satisfied.
Customer’s satisfaction is very essential to the growth of a company it is
highly beneficial to both the business and the Custumers, 

TMT Global Technology LTD aims to provide the best quality products which leads to satisfaction and reliability to customers.

All TMT Global products meet or exceed rigorous industry and regulatory
standards for quality, reliability, and efficiency. From design and fabrication
to finished product assembly, each phase in the manufacturing process is
rigorously monitored and measured to ensure the highest quality, durability
and operating excellence. TMT Global products are routinely tested and
certified by various government and third-party testing labs to ensure quality standards.

TMT Global was established in 2005 locally and globally. Aside from our main
office in the Great Britain, The Company have also entered the Middle East,
and Asia market to provide quality services, up to date and innovative
products manufactured and exported from different countries such as
United Kingdom, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, China, TURKEY and UAE.

Our Top Priorities

  • HIGH QUALITY products and services
  • IMPROVEMENT and INNOVATION at its best
    Accelerate REVENUE GROWTH
    for the whole team.

As we aim in achieving our priorities, our team of experts has formulated easy but concrete keywords to remind us about our strategic approach towards success:


  • PROVIDE an outstanding level of customer service.
  • CREATE excellent new products or services which appeal to customers, or
    EXECUTE AND MONITOR all duties and responsibilities to enhance and
    develop team skills.
  • Entering new markets and VENTURING to a wide range of targets. A constant theme within the various iterations of the company for over a decade has been continuous improvement and innovation – always looking for a better way. In-house testing, product prototyping and product development, in conjunction with customers and key academic institutions, has helped the company to remain focused on innovative solutions and leading edge initiatives to improve competitiveness and provide customer solutions.
    Strategic alignment with key supply chain providers has resulted in consistent, reliable competitive sourcing of materials. Suppliers are actively encouraged to contribute to product improvement and suggest creative approaches to improving product

Our Comprehensive Range of Products Includes

  • Structured Cabling System – a full range of copper and fiber optics solution.
  • Access Control System – a full range of access control and biomatrics access control system.
  • Motion Sensor – A full range of automatic lighting and motion sensor.
  • Gate Automation – Automatic door wireless RF remote control system.
  • ELV/Security/Alarm Cables – Have a wide range of ELV/Security/Alarm cables.
  • CCTV System – A full range of analogue, IP series with full range of accessories.